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Selling your home for top dollar, in the shortest amount of time takes a proven system. Here's how I do it!

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Make the home IRRESISTIBLE

Market like CRAZY

Negotiate from STRENGTH

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Success Story

I recently sold this property in Colorado Springs (you may have seen it ALL over the internet). The house needed a lot of work, and the seller and I both knew that it would take a specific kind of buyer who could see the potential. Having spent years buying and selling distressed property JUST like this, I knew exactly how (and to whom) to market the property.

Our final sales price was $25,000 higher than a competing Realtor even wanted to LIST it for, and the way we negotiated the terms means my seller's net proceeds were about $40,000 higher than they would have been at the other Realtor's list price...and that's assuming they would have sold for full list. 

At closing, my seller even said "I honestly didn't think you would sell it this fast."  I can't stress this enough: Who you hire matters. 

Step 1: Make the Home IRRESISTIBLE

When buyers see our listing for the first time, each and every detail needs to lead them further and further down the path to thinking "I can't afford to miss out on this house".  There's a few ways we do that:

1. The house must LOOK irresistible: 

2. The house must SOUND irresistible: 

3. The PRICE must be irresistible:  

See how I do it!

Make the House LOOK Irresistible

Make the House SOUND Irresistible

Make the PRICE Irresistible


Success Story

After 24 showings in 3 days, and multiple offers, I was able to sell this house for $70,000 MORE than the seller originally thought she could get for it.

Step 2: Market Like Crazy!

The house is irresistible, but to whom?  We are going to make sure anybody and everybody who is even THINKING about buying a house can see yours. And it's going to look INCREDIBLE!  Here's how:

See the Entire Marketing Plan

Internet Blitz

 Social Media Campaign

Targeted Email Blasts

Personal Follow Up


Success Story

With 25 showings on the first day, in the middle of Winter, we received 4 offers, and ended up selling for $15,000 more than the seller thought possible. (10% OVER ask!)

Step 3: Negotiate from Strength

Selling  your home isn't very fun when you feel like you're losing every negotiation. If we've absolutely nailed the above steps,  we should have a blast selling the home for top dollar and cruising to an easy closing.  Think about it, if the home is presented beautifully, there are no major issues, and since it's priced competitively there's a line of ready willing and able buyers just waiting for us to pick their offer...what leverage does a buyer have? None. And that's the idea.  

Ready to Sell?



Inspection Items


Success Story

With multiple showings before even listing the house on the MLS, and 3 offers, I sold this house for $62,000 more than the seller was going to ask for it with a For Sale By Owner sign in the yard. 

Step 4: Boom!

It's Closed

It really is that simple if we nail Steps 1-3.  

We show up, sign a few docs, you get a check (or a wire) and you're done! 

(I sold their 👉🏽 house for $10,500 OVER our list price, and $17,000 more than they originally thought we should list for) 

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